Requesting New Volunteers and Board members

As we reflect back on the 65 year history of the Sacred Dance Guild, we recognize many changes and shifts that are part of our story since the beginning in 1958.   

During the last two and a half years of the global pandemic, we took an unexpected journey of discovery personally, collectively and globally navigating, what we hope, is a once in a lifetime experience.   During this time we stayed connected and have been socially present for each other at our on-line Sacred Sundays, on-line festivals and other on-line events.   I have deep gratitude that we have been able to continue to create and connect mind, body and soul around the globe.  

Through movement, with a sacred intention, we activate our minds, our bodies and our souls to feel. We take a physical journey through many emotions – including the human challenges of anger, sadness, grief, depression, guilt, etc. – to arrive at a place where we can embody peace, kindness, compassion and love – and then share that generously one with another. 

Being on the Board of Directors of a mission based organization like the Sacred Dance Guild is one of those things that we can do in a community with others who have the same intentions and commitment to take  small – and not so small – actions.  I asked the members of the current Board of Directors to send me the words that come to mind when they reflect on their experiences as Board members. The “wordcloud” above is the result – it says it all! 

The ballot for the 2022-23 year has been sent to all members and the Annual General Gathering – to be held September 18th – will confirm the Board for this upcoming year. We are ALWAYS open to anyone who would like to join the Board as a team member working with one or more of the Directors. We are also always open to those who would like to officially join the Board as a Director in an upcoming year. You can try it out by coming on a team to see if this is something that YOU are called at this time in your life. 

Being on this Board for many years has been something I will always be grateful for. I have learned more than I could have imagined, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime (and beyond!), I have been nourished beyond any expectations and have felt a part of something that is important – at the personal, the collective and the global level. I can’t imagine where else I would have received these many gifts. It has been a journey of joy and love and I have been honored to have had this in my dance of life! 

DO check in with us and JOIN this amazing sacred dance village! 

Wendy Morrell 
Sacred Dance Guild

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