About SDG Journal

The Sacred Dance Guild Journal  articles by SDG members and invited guest writers. The Journal offers news and reports about current SDG activities,  history, practice of sacred dance, profiles of Sacred Dancers and choreography.

Want to submit an article to The Journal?  If you are not yet a member of SDG, simply go to www.sacreddanceguild.org and join. Questions? journal@sacreddanceguild.org

Submission Guidelines for The Sacred Dance Guild’s JournalThe Sacred Dance Guild Journal welcomes articles written by SDG members. Articles could be  newsy or scholarly research.  Photos and Illustrations are encouraged.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Ecstatic Dance
Global outreach to Dance communities
Liturgical Dance
Personal experiences with sacred dance
Sacred dance Events  (both upcoming and reports on past events)
Sacred Dance or Gesture or Movement Choreography
Sacred Dance group activities
Sacred Dance in Society
Sufi dances, Dances of Universal Peace

Articles must be at least 100 characters long

Scholarly research articles and bibliography please utilize the MLA style guide .

Articles are be submitted to journal@sacreddanceguild.org.

Please include a brief Author Bio and headshot with your submission.

To find articles on Sacred Dance try this Search on Google Scholar

Previously published articles

Gifts from Many Cultures by Martha Ann Kirk

Vietnamese Dance: VIETNAMESE CHRISTIANS SHARING GOD’S BEAUTY IN SACRED DANCE AND DRAMA By Sister Martha Ann Kirk, CCVI, and Brother Rufino Zaragoza, OFM

The Christian Body Dances: A History of Dance in the Christian Church by Karen Josephson

  1. Volume 4, 1961   “Motion Is A Sacred Thing”   by Toni’ Intravaia
  2. Volume 7, 1964   “The Sacred Dance: A Great Classical Art Is Adapted To The Liturgy” by George Proksch
  3. Volume 23-1 1980   “Black Church and Sacred Dance”  by Sylvia B.Bryant
  4. Volume 25-2, 1983   “Spiritual & Cultural Exploration Through Dance” by Jo Anne Combs
  5. Volume 26-3, 1984    “Jump In!”   by Suanne Ferguson
  6. Volume27-1, 1984   “Dancing Prayer With The Physically And Emotionally Handicapped”  by  Barbara Lyon
  7. Volume35-3, 1993  “Prophets Of The Body”  by Phil Porter
  8. Volume 41-2, 1999  “Jesus In The Audience”  by Ellen Cowhey and Kathleen Doerner
  9. Volume 42-2, 2000  “Universal Truth in Diverse Dances” by Jeannine Bunyan
  10. Volume 49-1, 2006  “View From The Pew”  by Mary Adamski

SDG’s Journal from 2009-2012.

Fall 2012  Spring 2012  Fall 2011  Spring 2011  Fall 2010  Spring 2010  Fall 2009

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