Movement/Dance as Transformative Art

My interest was in how movement/dance could be applied to our personal, interpersonal and group issues, and to a process of restoration. The central principle of my work was based on the application of metaphors in order to use movement/dance to process unconscious and conflicted material into higher degrees of consciousness and creative expression.

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Amidst all the mixed emotions and feelings, there was a light that kept me going. I feel that it is a sacred bond between our being and our inner calling to dance, to rejoice in moving in our own colors and cadences, to flow through life with many reminders from our sacred dancing moments. These are the moments when we are truly ourselves, and that preciousness speaks through all cultures, ethnicities, genders and abilities.

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Holy Spirit and the Astonishing Shift from Live Dance to…Virtually There

“We soon realized the opportunities for international group movement collaboration were greater than ever before,” said Marilyn Green of the Guild and Trinity Movement Choir, “and those who were unable to fly into New York were now able to participate. Suddenly there were possibilities of dance offerings here and abroad that could be included.

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Summer Virtually There Festival 2020

how beautifully this medium allows the Sacred Dance Guild to embrace its motto, “Dancing the Sacred, Moving the World”. Virtually, whether as the total or a hybrid experience, expands our ability to fully embrace our mission and values.

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Laban, Butoh, and the Christian Movement Choir

Utilizing Marilyn Green’s knowledge of Laban terminology and Butoh technique, the choir presents a unique contribution to a Christian dance concert.

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Finding the Sacred in Nia Dance By Hiie Saumaa

Dancing Nia is not only pleasurable, healthy, and strengthening for the body and mind, but it can be an incredibly powerful, active force that moves your life in a different direction.

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Moving Mandalas by Cherie Hill and Wendy Morrell

Moving Mandalas – an amazing adventure dancing mandalas from Ottawa Canada to Bali Indonesia.

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Choreography for the 200th anniversary of Silent Night By Helena Froehlich

Helena Froehlich dancing Silent Night

Choreography for the 200th anniversary of Silent Night By Helena Froehlich Words: Joseph Mohr Music: Franz Gruber Choreography: Helena Froehlich. 1818       200 years ago on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, in the tiny village of Oberdorf in the

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Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment by Gigi Oppenheimer

Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment by Gigi Oppenheimer Grace is very near and dear to my heart. Dictionaries define it as the unsought favor of God; as simple, elegant, and refined movement; and as the act of honoring another with one’s

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A Woman’s Perspective as an Artist in Dance and Life Apollonia Holzer and “The Woman I Am” by Martha Chapman

A Woman’s Perspective as an Artist in Dance and Life Apollonia Holzer and “The Woman I Am” The approach of a new year inspires me to reflect on the challenging, interesting and unprecedented year behind us… a year where women

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