Finding the Sacred in Nia Dance By Hiie Saumaa

Dancing Nia is not only pleasurable, healthy, and strengthening for the body and mind, but it can be an incredibly powerful, active force that moves your life in a different direction.

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Moving Mandalas by Cherie Hill and Wendy Morrell

Moving Mandalas – an amazing adventure dancing mandalas from Ottawa Canada to Bali Indonesia.

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Choreography for the 200th anniversary of Silent Night By Helena Froehlich

Helena Froehlich dancing Silent Night

Choreography for the 200th anniversary of Silent Night By Helena Froehlich Words: Joseph Mohr Music: Franz Gruber Choreography: Helena Froehlich. 1818       200 years ago on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, in the tiny village of Oberdorf in the

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Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment by Gigi Oppenheimer

Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment by Gigi Oppenheimer Grace is very near and dear to my heart. Dictionaries define it as the unsought favor of God; as simple, elegant, and refined movement; and as the act of honoring another with one’s

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A Woman’s Perspective as an Artist in Dance and Life Apollonia Holzer and “The Woman I Am” by Martha Chapman

A Woman’s Perspective as an Artist in Dance and Life Apollonia Holzer and “The Woman I Am” The approach of a new year inspires me to reflect on the challenging, interesting and unprecedented year behind us… a year where women

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Immanuel, God with Me: A Christmas & New Year’s Reflection By Mary Margaret Bawden of Soul to Sole Choreography

Lord, thank you for DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited). I’ve never experienced your leading quite so clearly and quickly as this project came into focus.

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Book Review: Jane Wellford’s “Moving Liturgy: Dance in Christian Worship, a Step by Step Guide” Reviewed by Karen Josephson

The book begins with what liturgical dance entails in terms of its background and scope. It covers practical considerations of preparations, working with worship leaders, space, costumes, fees, and creating your own group.

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Documenting a “Living Legacy” On-line: Carla De Sola By Sister Martha Ann Kirk, Th.D.

This writing gives a short introduction to easily available film resources on Carla De Sola whom the Sacred Dance Guild has acclaimed as a “Living Legacy.” The Carla De Sola YouTube channel has been created and can be found at

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Sacred Dancer & Novelist Lynn Hesse

Sacred Dancer Lynne Hesse has authored a novel “Well of Rage”

Publishing Date Pending: Oak Tress Press, August 2016 Title Description: “Well of Rage” refers to a mother’s rage over the murder of her teenage son, racial hatred, and injustice. Literally, the bones

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“Revel in the Light” and “Dance in the Shadow” By: Susan Beayni

Rebecca Beayni, a differently abled dancer, painter and an inspirational presenter in the education field. Her life’s work is aimed at inviting people to dream of a more compassionate society where everyone’s gifts are recognized and welcomed.

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