Historic Notes by Toni’ Intrvaia Fall 2013

From the Sacred Dance Guild Journal, Winter 1982-1983 Volume XXV, Number 2

The Jewish Dance Mystique by Evelyn Helper

“..In the secular, as well as the religious regimen of the Chassidic community, dance became an indispensable part of any gathering. Special dances of joy were created to welcome the Sabbath Queen and melancholy ones for her departure.  Dancing wold often interrupt the Sabbath meal. Specific holiday dances were formulated for the happy celebrations (simchat Torah) and for the solemn occasions (Day of Atonement). They envisaged healing the sick through dance and optimistically hoped that it might even favorably mediate the mood of a tyrant. They also danced to memorialize the death of a revered person…”

From the Sacred Dance Guild Journal, Spring 1983-1984, Volume XXV/, Number 3

T’AI CHI CH’UÅN: Moving with Grace by Lana Spraker

“My approach to teaching T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a healing sacred dance rather than as a martial art. I believe it is a vehicle for transformation and opening to spirit through the peace that comes with silent receptivity. Becoming silent, as in prayer, we move and are opened to Grace…”

From the Sacred Dance Guild Journal, Winter 200, Volum ne 44, Number 2

Tibetan Mystical Arts: Sacred Music, Sacred Dance

By Paula Rubenstein

“in Tibet, whenever a monastery celebrated a spiritual festival, people from the surrounding villages and nomadic tribes would assemble in the monastery’s courtyard for the three or four days of sacred music and dance. The mystical Arts of Tibet tours are designed as a development of this tradition…”

From the Sacred Dance Guild Journal, Winter 1997, Volume 39, Number 2

Youth and Sacred Dance
By Bobbi Wethington

“…I have been pleasantly surprised and delighted with my Youth Sacred Dancers at Duke Memorial United Methodist Church in Durham, North Carolina.  We have been working together for over three years and it has been a tremendous joy to observe their transformation as they begin to comprehend worship and liturgy at a new and exciting level….Sacred dance is a beautiful and meaningful form of praise and love for God. “

Historic Notes by Toni' Intrvaia Fall 2013

Historic Notes by Toni’ Intrvaia Fall 2013



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