Historic Notes by Toní Intravaia May 1958

Ted Shawn says: ”the duty of the artist is to shed light into the darkness of men’s souls. Feel always that a charge is laid upon you—to send your audience away uplifted, joyous, stimulated to create, given courage to face burdens daily. And you cannot express in movement anything greater or finer than you yourself are. First BE and then DO. Say, when you dance with Zarathustra: Now there danceth a god in me.”

Theodore Parker: “Let our doctrines and our forms fit the soul, as the limbs fit the body—growing out of it, growing with it. Let us have a church for the whole man.”

Erika Thimmey says, “Since in our dance the body is the instrument of the soul, I have sought to create a new form of worship through the art of the body in motion. It is my intention that this worship be not merely for the personal gratification of the performer, but that it serve mankind by bringing a sincerely religious experience to the congregations that behold it. ‘Know ye not that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, glorify, therefore, God in your bodies and your spirits which are God’s.”

I Corinthians 6:19-20.



Sacred Dance Guild Librarian, Dancer, Systems Librarian, Sufi, Lutheran, Giggler, Traveler, Snorkeler, Joyful!

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