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Movement/Dance as Transformative Art

My interest was in how movement/dance could be applied to our personal, interpersonal and group issues, and to a process of restoration. The central principle of my work was based on the application of metaphors in order to use movement/dance to process unconscious and conflicted material into higher degrees of consciousness and creative expression.

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Laban, Butoh, and the Christian Movement Choir

Utilizing Marilyn Green’s knowledge of Laban terminology and Butoh technique, the choir presents a unique contribution to a Christian dance concert.

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MOVING FROM MY CENTER by Stella Matsuda SDG Festival 2015 presenter

Festival 2015 presenter Stella Matsuda will be teaching a repertory piece, but is hoping that her philosophy of dance as described in this article will be what she really give to the dancers, not just steps.

Join Stella With boundless grace of God through dance

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