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Immanuel, God with Me: A Christmas & New Year’s Reflection By Mary Margaret Bawden of Soul to Sole Choreography

Lord, thank you for DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited). I’ve never experienced your leading quite so clearly and quickly as this project came into focus.

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“Revel in the Light” and “Dance in the Shadow” By: Susan Beayni

Rebecca Beayni, a differently abled dancer, painter and an inspirational presenter in the education field. Her life’s work is aimed at inviting people to dream of a more compassionate society where everyone’s gifts are recognized and welcomed.

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Dance of The Divine – by JoyBeth Lufty

I reach beyond as I move my being in a rhythm that connects me to the mystical music and then to The Source of All Creation. In so doing, I release that which weighs me down in order to enrich

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Dancing Your Way Through Life by drjoy

 I am both the dancer and the dance… There is not anything that can change that fact of life.  By definition, the mover is the movement and the movement is the mover.  Forever joined: at the hip and at the

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Body Prayer: Praying with Your Whole Being by JoyBeth Lufty

There are various types of Body Prayers from the complex to the simple, from different traditions, and for exploring different themes. All have in them the common form of movement, rhythm, and repetition oriented towards connecting with The Divine. In this issue

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Skyloom Dancers and the World Day of Prayer by Shirley Blancke

On Friday, March 5, 2010, Skyloom participated in a World Day of Prayer service, written by the women of Cameroon, at Trinity Episcopal Church in Concord, Massachusetts. Wearing brightly colored West African cloths as skirts, and colored scarves wound around

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Dancing Your Body Temple by Lisa Michaels

A temple is a structure reserved for spiritual activities; such as prayer and the worship of a divinity. Often seen as the dwelling place of the Divine, a temple provides sacred containment for reverence, devotion, and connecting one’s soul to Spirit. The body

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Spiritual and Cultural Exploration Through Dance By Jo Anne Combs.

Sacred Dance Journal – Volume 25‐3 1982 At the turn of the century, Isadora Duncan startled many Western viewers by her unorthodox burst into the dance scene in America and Europe with exhortations to all people, but especially to dancers,

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