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Dance, Leadership and Outreach in Africa 

BERTIN KASOLENE is a young leader, art­ist, African contemporary dance choreographer, dancer, performer and activist, born in Goma town in Democratic Republic of the Congo…Bertin has initiated many diverse activities that inspire youth to be positive leaders for their communities.

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Equinox: Movement of Balance

The 2020 dance performance, Equinox: Moment of Balance occurred at precisely the same time all over the globe. It took place at the moment of the September Equinox, when the sun crosses the equator, when the length of daylight and the length of nighttime are equal and balanced…it was such a lovely experience to feel embodied unity with almost 100 dancers at one exact moment all together.

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Summer Virtually There Festival 2020

how beautifully this medium allows the Sacred Dance Guild to embrace its motto, “Dancing the Sacred, Moving the World”. Virtually, whether as the total or a hybrid experience, expands our ability to fully embrace our mission and values.

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