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My Lifelong Search for Sacred Dance

When I reflect on my lifelong dedication to Sacred Dance, I see that all along I have been motivated by the longing to worship with others in a way which strengthens community, welcomes the body, and honours women and the earth. The traditional circle dances I’ve been researching for 35 years have been the golden thread guiding me on this journey. The dances represent a living lineage of indigenous European wisdom, in harmony with that of non-European peoples, and the values they embody are exactly the values we need to rekindle now, as we face a critical crossroads in human history.

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Liturgical Dance Lifts the Spirit

Read the Las Vegas Review article on Liturgical Dance featuring the Agape Dancers with SDG Board Member Ann Pomeroy.…/liturgical-dance-lifts-spirit

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Moving in LOVE TOGETHER… Integrating Sacred Dance into Worship/Spiritual Communities By JoyBeth Lufty

 Many have experienced their most connected feelings of oneness with God, the Divine Source, while watching and/or moving through Sacred Dance. Sacred Dance is movement which connects us directly with the Divine Creative Source, with the LOVE energy available to

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Body Prayer: We are the Hope by JoyBeth Lufty

BODY PRAYER: PRAYING WITH YOUR WHOLE BEING by JoyBeth Lufty We Are The HOPE…” Body Prayers often have themes or focused intentions, as well has having a common form of movement, rhythm and repetition all oriented towards connecting with The

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Come And Dance With Me… By Lillian Herg

I may not have dancing feet, but I do dance: I dance with my eyes. I dance with my arms. I dance with my heart. I dance with my memories. My non-dancing feet guide me to a studio where I

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DID YOU KNOW? by Pamela White

The first time the term “dance” appears in the Bible is in Judges 21:21 And see, and behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in dances, then come you out of the vineyards, and catch you every

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