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The Sacredness of Nature and Dance

Dance can be a profoundly personal experience of transformation. But when we dance for others, it is important that we become vessel for the prayer or healing to move through us and touch others. We start by remembering that indeed we are in ritual to illuminate for others.

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Documenting a “Living Legacy” On-line: Carla De Sola By Sister Martha Ann Kirk, Th.D.

This writing gives a short introduction to easily available film resources on Carla De Sola whom the Sacred Dance Guild has acclaimed as a “Living Legacy.” The Carla De Sola YouTube channel has been created and can be found at

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A Time to Dance, Interview with Barbara Supovitz by Andrea Kronzez

An interview with Festival 2015 Presenter BARBARA SUPOVITZ

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Dancing and praying in the nuclear age by Sister Martha Ann Kirk

We danced, “I am tired, I am weak, I am worn.”

I was born in the year that the U.S. dropped the first nuclear bombs. Now the United Nations is reviewing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. What does Christ call me to do in the face of all the suffering that has come in the nuclear age?

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Sacred Waters, Sacred Dances 2013

 The Event: Global Water Dances Initiative “Dancing for Safe Water Everywhere” The Sacred Dance Guild is inviting all of its members to join in this world-wide dance event. Since 2013, will be a non-festival year, here is a wonderful opportunity

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