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My Journey with Sacred Dance

It is strange to look back at my journey with sacred dance and see how what seemed to be a random set of circumstances now look like inevitable steps that have taken me where I am now.
For me, the central passion to create all art is quite simply to form a channel for the “sweet honey in the rock”, the flow between the Divine and the self. It has always been my central spiritual practice.

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Laban, Butoh, and the Christian Movement Choir

Utilizing Marilyn Green’s knowledge of Laban terminology and Butoh technique, the choir presents a unique contribution to a Christian dance concert.

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Dance as Epiphany by Festival 2015 Presenter Deborah Mauldin

So what is an epiphany? A divine experience…an experience wherein all the locks and bolts of your soul come into perfect alignment…a personal experience that transcends space, time and usual Earthly parameters. And it is indeed available to each and every one of us if we wish that inner experience.

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