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Equinox: Movement of Balance

The 2020 dance performance, Equinox: Moment of Balance occurred at precisely the same time all over the globe. It took place at the moment of the September Equinox, when the sun crosses the equator, when the length of daylight and the length of nighttime are equal and balanced…it was such a lovely experience to feel embodied unity with almost 100 dancers at one exact moment all together.

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Global Water Dances: Concord, Massachusetts June 15, 2013 By Elaine Herg Sisler

On a perfect New England almost summer day, Skyloom Sacred Dance Group hosted and participated in “Global Water Dances”.  This bold visionary artistic initiative focuses on the critical need for safe drinking water.  The program was founded by award winning

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Sacred Dance Global OutReach — Dance Supplies to Croatia

“A Gift Has Arrived From The USA, And It All Started From Rebecca Davis Dance Company“ Osijek, Croatia Croatian News Source: Glas Slavonije by Reporter Tomislav Levak The management and the members of the dance group of Osijek’s National Theatre had their hands

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Culture Fest – 2012 A Multi-Cultural Dance Concert

A Benefit Concert for “Dancers ” in Armenia & Croatia Sponsored by The Sacred Dance Guild & the North East Dance Retailers Association We did it again! Seven different dance groups from the Boston area gathered to perform in the

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Sacred Dance Gives the Sole – A Flash Mob Benefit for Women in Transition

From The Sacred Dance Journal – Spring 2012 Volume 56 Number 1 SDG’s first benefit Flash Mob was held July 2010 on the pier, in New London, CT, partnering with the Women’s Center of Southeastern Connecticut. The SD-GO (Sacred Dance

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Dancing the Sacred, Moving the World – “Moving Mysteries”

For our Sacred Dance Guild’s 50th Anniversary in 2008, Emmalyn Moreno, a SDG Lifetime Member from San Luis Rey, California, wrote, choreographed and recorded our 50th Anniversary Festival Song, “MOVING MYSTERIES.” Going on three years later, our SDG Board of

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Is This Heaven? By Elaine Sisler

Dancers from Maine, Connecticut, Canada, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, Ohio, Cape Cod and over ten different Massachusetts towns gathered to celebrate and dance their divine diversity in Sacred Dance Guild’s first SD-GO Global Initiative, CultureFest weekend.

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Deep Roots of Bodily Movement in Christianity and in Asian Ritual “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us,” proclaims John’s gospel. Christianity is not just a religion of the invisible mystery of the Holy One, but a religion in

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