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Senior Capstone Interview Questionnaire:  Elaine Herg Sisler

During our Sacred Dance Guild journey to the UK in 2017 a Mercyhurst College senior, Sarah Ruesch, asked if I would fill out a questionnaire regarding liturgical dance. I agreed and therefore it became part of her research for her senior capstone project.  

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Let Them Praise God’s Name in the Dance (Ps 149:3)

as we engaged with open welcome in a dance workshop in a space where faith has been expressed in many ways over centuries, at least one woman from the local area found a renewal of faith expression through movement that had lain dormant for some time. As we engaged the mysticism of Julian of Norwich in a circle dance, those present connected with the spiritual ancestry of our context.   

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1,000 Bows to Beauty

I am obsessed with the Divine Dance. My dance led and moved me from childhood, into the UCLA Dance Department, through seminary and seminary teaching, into Body and Soul Dance Company, and on to cofound InterPlay with Phil Porter.

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Laban, Butoh, and the Christian Movement Choir

Utilizing Marilyn Green’s knowledge of Laban terminology and Butoh technique, the choir presents a unique contribution to a Christian dance concert.

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Immanuel, God with Me: A Christmas & New Year’s Reflection By Mary Margaret Bawden of Soul to Sole Choreography

Lord, thank you for DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited). I’ve never experienced your leading quite so clearly and quickly as this project came into focus.

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Is This Heaven? By Elaine Sisler

Dancers from Maine, Connecticut, Canada, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, Ohio, Cape Cod and over ten different Massachusetts towns gathered to celebrate and dance their divine diversity in Sacred Dance Guild’s first SD-GO Global Initiative, CultureFest weekend.

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