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Alleluia Dance Theater: COME TO THE WATER a Dance retreat by Stella Matsuda

 “COME TO THE WATER” ALLELUIA DANCE THEATER Dance/Prayer Retreat Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino, CA  January 15-17, 2016  We entered into the year 2016, with our thoughts focused on water as a precious commodity in our lives. As we gather together

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Moving in LOVE TOGETHER… Integrating Sacred Dance into Worship/Spiritual Communities By JoyBeth Lufty

 Many have experienced their most connected feelings of oneness with God, the Divine Source, while watching and/or moving through Sacred Dance. Sacred Dance is movement which connects us directly with the Divine Creative Source, with the LOVE energy available to

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The Practice of Sacred Dance By Heather Burcham

The Sacred Dance Experience is all about connecting with one another from places all over the world in a shared love for sacred dance, moving together at the same time, on the same day, in the same movement, from the

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Soul Breathes Movement by JoyBeth Lufty

Soul Breathes Movement JoyBeth Lufty In February 2014, the Sacred Dance Guild will be hosting a Sacred Dance Journey to Costa Rica. Learn a little more about JoyBeth Lufty, one of the retreat facilitators, and her journey to health through

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Dancing Your Way Through Life by drjoy

 I am both the dancer and the dance… There is not anything that can change that fact of life.  By definition, the mover is the movement and the movement is the mover.  Forever joined: at the hip and at the

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Body Prayer: Praying with Your Whole Being by JoyBeth Lufty

There are various types of Body Prayers from the complex to the simple, from different traditions, and for exploring different themes. All have in them the common form of movement, rhythm, and repetition oriented towards connecting with The Divine. In this issue

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Body Prayer: We are the Hope by JoyBeth Lufty

BODY PRAYER: PRAYING WITH YOUR WHOLE BEING by JoyBeth Lufty We Are The HOPE…” Body Prayers often have themes or focused intentions, as well has having a common form of movement, rhythm and repetition all oriented towards connecting with The

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