Marian Chace Foundation Lecture 2020 Trauma-Informed Dance Movement Therapy: Real Life Trainings with Syrian Refugees, China and US COVID-19 Hotline

by Ilene A. Serlin, Ph.D, BC-DMT

Photo taken by Ilene Serlin or one of her students

Over the course of the last twenty years, I have had the opportunity to get more experience working with intergenerational trauma, starting in Israel in 1986 through Dr. Vivien Marcow Speiser and Lesley University. It was obvious there how the arts were already a powerful part of the healing process. After that, I had the opportunity to bring some of these healing arts to Istanbul, and then to Jordan to work with Syrian refugees. Using local dance forms and music, I was able to co-create opening and closing rituals for the conference and introduce movement into the women’s support group.

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Photo taken by Ilene Serlin or one of her students

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Photo taken by Ilene Serlin or one of her students

Ilene A. Serlin on the right.
Photo taken by one of her students

Ilene A. Serlin, Ph.D, BC-DMT is a licensed psychologist and registered dance/movement therapist in practice in San Francisco and Marin county. She is the past president of the San Francisco Psychological Association, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, past-president of the Division of Humanistic Psychology. Ilene Serlin has taught at Saybrook University, Lesley University, UCLA, the NY Gestalt Institute and the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. She is the editor of Whole Person Healthcare (2007, 3 vol., Praeger), over 100 chapters and articles on body, art and psychotherapy, and is on the editorial boards of PsycCritiques, the American Dance Therapy Journal, the Journal of Humanistic PsychologyArts & Health: An International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice, Journal of Applied Arts and Health, and The Humanistic Psychologist.

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2019 Distinguished Humanitarian Contribution award from the California Psychological Association• 2018 Rollo May Award from Society of Humanistic Psychology, American Psychological Association• 2018 Outstanding Accomplishment award from San Francisco Psychological Association • Ilene A. Serlin Day in San Francisco, September 22, 2018• Fellow of American Psychological Association, Div. 10, 32, 35, 42, 46, 56

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