Why I Am Not a Dancer

By Judith Rose, Founder of Vital MovementÔ

Judith Rose and Igor S Photo by Denzel Walters
Judith Rose and Igor S Photo by Denise Farro

Very often I am asked why I place my work under the rubric of “Movement” rather than “Dance”. Let me respond to this by journeying back to a very early memory. I was barely seven. As the daughter of immigrants who arrived here blown by the fury of the time, I was raised with very little in the material stronghold. Toys and games were created from what was at hand, and culture seeped in only through the magic of the radio and the book. So it was especially magical when my father came home one day with two tickets to see the fabled dancer Maria Tallchief as the leading presence in The Firebird ballet. I remember nothing about the intricate footwork or the imaginative choreographic design. Before me was the most famous dancer of the time and somehow I was not watching her feet! I was riveted instead by something fuller, something deeper, something more magnetic than her technical prowess. Before me was a dancer whose eyes expressed as clearly as her toes; whose body and spirit were in a state of at-one-ment. At some point during the performance, a mystical transfer occurred, and suddenly, I too, sitting in the hard seat of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, experienced and lived the vital movement of the dance. Years later, I understood that it was this mysterious peak experience that served as the initial catalyst for a life-long devotion to conscious movement work and sacred dance, and using it as a tool for healing, evolution,  and transformation. 

Judith Rose and Igor S Photo by Denise Farro

My professional vision returns us to the organic patterns we used when we lived in intimate connection with the earth. This understanding lies at the root of the movement classes and body prayers that I design, choreograph, and teach. These kinesthetic motifs were innate to a life that once placed an ear close to the ground and lifted eyes upward to read the signs and signals of nature. They satisfy the body’s longing for movement that is pure, joyous, and essential. When we move with Beauty and Truth, we too are moved, and that is the gift that deepens the practice each and everytime. 

Photo by Lisa Levart

Judith Rose, the founder of Vital Movement™, https://www.judithrosevm.com/contact is an experienced educator, choreographer, poet, and movement artist. She has extensive training in a variety of movement arts and therapeutic modalities from around the globe. Insights drawn from her rich background in Jungian Studies, Literature, and World Mysticism, are seamlessly integrated into her offerings.

Judith is a certified practitioner of Otiyot Hayyothttp://www.otiyot.com a Kabbalistic mindfulness practice developed by Dr. Yehudit Goldfarb. She studied and trained with David Leventhal, the director of the Mark Morris Dance for Parkinson’s Disease program, which has inspired her to create a unique eldercare program of movement. 

Judith is known for her original workshops and movement journeys which have travelled to studios in many universities and dance centers. She often serves as presenter for the international Sacred Dance Guild. Recently, shecollaborated with several Rockland artists to create inter-disciplinary works of distinction, including the dance films “This Bitter Earth” and “Rose”,which made their way to festivals. She, and her dance partner Igor S, have recently created “Wisteria”, a dance memorial to honor the lives of those who died during the COVID pandemic. This will be brought to film in 2021. 

Judith’s work is a passionate devotion that is deeply grounded in the belief that the arts provide a medium for personal and communal healing and transformation.

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