Book Review: Jane Wellford’s “Moving Liturgy: Dance in Christian Worship, a Step by Step Guide” Reviewed by Karen Josephson


Jane Wellford has created a comprehensive book about dance in the Christian church. Worship designers and leaders, Christian educators, retreat planners, musical leadership, and anyone involved in the creation of events for the Christian church will find this book invaluable. Both beginning and seasoned liturgical dancers will be inspired. Wellford has thought through the process to ensure that dance in the Christian tradition is a sacred experience for dancers and all involved. Moving Liturgy is well researched and organized to cover all the aspects one would need to consider: a bible for the novice and a useful resource for the experienced.

Wellford is a Sacred Dance Guild member and past presenter at Festivals. She was a Professor of Dance in the Performing Arts department at Elon University until her retirement. For more than thirty years she has been actively involved in the choreography and teaching of liturgical and sacred dance. Her professional liturgical dance troupe, Moving Liturgy Dance Ensemble, has performed extensively throughout the United States, offering a repertory of 237 dances of worship to hundreds of churches and conferences. New work is also created with worshiping communities.

The book begins with what liturgical dance entails in terms of its background and scope. It covers practical considerations of preparations, working with worship leaders, space, costumes, fees, and creating your own group. Several choreographed pieces are included, and there are interviews with clergy, church musicians, choreographers and others who have experienced liturgical dance. Useful terms for dance, music, sanctuary spaces and church personnel are defined. So much information and so many suggestions are found between the covers of this book that you will be glad to have it in your library.jane-wellford





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