By JoyBeth Lufty

Welcome One, Welcome All…Z
From Maiden to Mystress, from Mother to Muse,
The Wheel keeps on turning and this much we choose,
Not always the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ of our time.
As Wisdom illumines the Female Divine,
Sacred Woman comes dancing… heart, body and Soul.
And The Wheel is the blessing that binds us as whole.
Come discover the fragrance of time spent in Peace,
In dancing the stillness, of gentle release.
Come share in The Circle, come dance in Moonlight.
Come celebrate Beauty and Love with Delight.
Blessed be…   by Tricia mary Lee

With this invitation extended from Tricia mary Lee, with ties in Australia and England, and Maria Sangiorgi from BaliBlessings5-2015 080Italy and Australia, through The Sacred Dance Guild, to come Dance The Sacred in the Divine Beauty of Bali May 2015, we danced with all our beings blessings for the world and our lives.  From Canada and the USA’s California and Texas, from Japan, Italy and Australia, we prayerfully danced amidst laughter and tears, alone and in partners and groups, with veils and gestures sacred dances from different traditions.

BaliBlessings5-2015 055

Tricia and Maria led us through daily Body Blessings, The Wheel of Life Element rituals, sound and movement healing experiences, and Body Prayers and dances. Through dance, we traveled even further around the world always coming back home to the glowing beauty of Bali. Each day there was time for the SDG tradition of “Sharing”. All of us Sacred Dancers had an opportunity to share/teach a dance or creative gift, such as Moving Mysteries, Mandala Dance, and Burning Flames of Light around the full moon fire celebration we created.

BaliBlessings5-2015 019For 6 days we were nurtured by the warmth and graciousness of the staff, its healthy oh-so-delicious meals, the beauty of the mountainside jungle nature and gardens, massages, the local community’s temples and celebrations, Gamelan Orchestra music, and traditional Balinese dances at The Bali Mountain Retreat ( We also enjoyed Balinese Cooking classes and made traditional offering baskets out of banana leaves and flowers from the gardens all around us. It was warm and sunny in the daytime yet very pleasant at night with the cooler mountain air gently lulling us to sleep after each day and evenings special journey into the heart and soul of being human and dancing The Divine.

And then most of us transferred to the city of Ubud for a type of post-retreat cultural extension that included a Global Outreach Exchange with the children and staff at Yasan Widya Guna: School for
Underprivileged Children.   It was such a delight to share dances with all the children and adults who glowed with the beauty of connection, music and dance.

BaliBlessings5-2015 111

My Circle of Sisters    by Diane I Stewart-Dean
We are found again. We have come back from time.
One heart, one beat, one pulse, All Divine.
We danced the water, basking in the coolness blessed.
We danced the fire, frenzied by the heart.
We danced the air, nourished by the Bali cleansing breath.
We danced the earth, grounded in our universal beat.
We’ve danced before, many moons ago.
When we lived in our forest glade abode.
We’ve breathed the clear forest air.
Swirled, twirled, curled in our world.
Our hearts full of our rituals bare.
Around the fires, as the smoke and magic unfurled.
Trish, Fairy Sister Bright, Maria, Priestess High.
We dive again, we dance in light.
Coven of women, spirits come nigh.

JoyBeth Lufty, a Moving Minister who dances, sings, and writes her blessings to the world, helped to create SDG’s Sacred Dance Journeys when she was SDG’s President. For SDG, Trish and Maria she invites one and all to Dance the Sacred in Bali at the 2nd Bali Dance Retreat to be held May 2016, because Beauty Blessings just keep dancing on and on…

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