Reflections on a day by the Sea by Mary Francis Hoffman PhD- Presenter SDG Festival 2015

Reflections of a day by the Sea

Presenter at the Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2015

I had the privilege of going to Hawai’i this spring and stayed the small town of Waialua on the North Shore of O’ahu. My really good friend, Pulelehua set up an impromptu day of movement and meditation. Russ and I stayed in a home right on the beach and this has always been the ideal setting for exploring and getting in touch with Nature.

Artists and Movers

Artists and Movers

Authentic movement is a moving meditation that I used as the main process for the day. Seven women gathered at 10 in the morning on May 3rd. We sat under the lanai for a bit of a discussion and then I led them into a moving meditation and creative artwork. The meditation centered on the exploration of our interconnectedness with nature. I shared how the elements of nature rest within their bodies. Nature often is a mirror that reflects and reminds us of our resonance with the natural world.

We worked with the elements that can be found in the sea and surrounding natural environment. I asked them to walk out and let nature speak to them, then bring back a natural object that resonated with their bodies. We gathered back under the lanai and shared this very gentle exercise. I brought back to the circle a pitcher of Seawater and shared how this water element held all the elements within its vast presence.

Centerpiece from beach collection

Centerpiece from our beach collection

We created a collective piece of art as the centerpiece of our circle.

The day was delightful. The natural world became our witness as we discovered and reconnected with the nature of ourselves. Journaling, drawing, and movement became the outlets for expression as each woman in their own way resonated with and embodied a deeper awareness of Nature and her gifts.

Mary Francis Hoffman holds a PhD in Psychology with a Transpersonal concentration and certificate in Creative Expressive Arts. She is also a certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. She is internationally registered as a somatic educator and therapist. She is trained in the art of Contemplative Dance (authentic Movement). This practice was the focus of her doctoral research.

Mary Francis Hoffman and Russ Schmitz

Mary Francis Hoffman and Russ Schmitz

She is a member of the Jungian Society of St. Louis. She is recognized by the Colorado Center for Healing Touch as a certified healing touch practitioner.

Mary Francis is currently serving on the Leadership advisory board of the College for the Arts and Sciences at Maryville University. She has been published in the journal of Transpersonal Psychology, and has written many articles on health and wellness.

She has 20 years experience in health and wellness, addiction and recovery and creative play with individuals, business and civic groups. She has facilitated many workshops with the focus of the body and spirit in connection with Nature for the Internationally know group-Sacred Dance Guild.

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One comment on “Reflections on a day by the Sea by Mary Francis Hoffman PhD- Presenter SDG Festival 2015
  1. Russ schmitz Ph.D. says:

    Dr. Hoffman is truly gifted to assist each of us in tapping into and expressing our authenticity through movement expression and spirituality. An educator at the highest level


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