Dance of The Divine – by JoyBeth Lufty

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI reach beyond as I move my being
in a rhythm that connects me to
the mystical music and then
to The Source of All Creation.

In so doing, I release
that which weighs me down
in order to enrich me
with that which lifts me up.

And then I fly in a flurry of movementIMG_1032
as still as a moment in deep meditation
as busy as the bees pollinating the flowers
as light as the angels that guide me.

Beyond the need for acceptance
beyond the everyday madness
beyond the toil of Earth living
I spin, twirl, and leap into the heart of The Divine.


There, I am comforted by the awesome truth
encouraged by fathomless faith
revitalized by boundless love
renewed by the light of The Divine.

And then the sacred in my dance
becomes the movement of our connection
which forms within us the sunrises and sunsets
of The Dance of The Divine…

Always dancing her way through life, JoyBeth Lufty or “Dr. Joy” of, is into making SDG’s motto “Dancing the Sacred, Moving the World” a daily reality.  Through her published writings, international workshops, and body prayers, she spins out to our world the four spiritual/life processes or Paths of Life of Living Love, Daring The Dark, Bestowing Birth, and Compassionately Celebrating...

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