The Practice of Sacred Dance By Heather Burcham

The Sacred Dance Experience is all about connecting with one another from places all over the world in a shared love for sacred dance, moving together at the same time, on the same day, in the same movement, from the same passion. It is about connecting with other Sacred Dance Guild Members, and reaching out to those who have yet to discover the hidden gem that is the Sacred Dance Guild. It is an invitation to others to join us, the Sacred Dance Guild, in the dance, and into the life of our organization.
It is also an invitation to practice sacred dance, something that is often lost in our well-intentioned pursuits. Sacred dance shouldn’t just be a performance or a workshop, a festival or an idea, it should be a lifestyle, a habit, a practice. In the same way that many spiritually-conscious people practice yoga, meditation, or prayer on a daily basis, sacred dance could, and should, be a personal practice that feeds and refreshes us spiritually, connecting us to God in a moving expression of prayer and praise.
Oriah says it best in an interview explaining her inspiring poem, and book, The Invitation, “A practice, a regularly repeated and at least minimally structured way of connecting with our sense of the Mystery of which we are a part, gives us a way to open to that which sustains us when everything else falls away.”
Let this be our motto as we dance together on Sacred Sundays during our Sacred Dance Experience, that we might remind ourselves, and each other, what sustains us in the most difficult of times, connecting us to each other and to the Divine. Let us continue the practice of sacred dance in our own lives, throughout the week, the year, and in the coming years of our lives, being conscious of what dance as a sacred, spiritual experience means to our souls and to the world around us. Let us not forget to practice what we preach, and to continually grow in the practice of our passion—sacred dance.
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