Soul Breathes Movement by JoyBeth Lufty

Soul Breathes Movement
JoyBeth Lufty

In February 2014, the Sacred Dance Guild will be hosting a Sacred Dance Journey to Costa Rica. Learn a little more about JoyBeth Lufty, one of the retreat facilitators, and her journey to health through sacred dance.

I had purposefully fallen off my bed and since my knees were frozen, I snaked down the hallway, pushed open the garage door, and there beside my bike my mother found me.  I was lying on the floor with tears streaming down my 8 year old cheeks and crippled body, saying over and over again, ”I will ride my bike.  I will ride my bike.  I will ride my bike.”  After that I made myself move, little tiny movements at first, yet within a remarkable period of time I was riding again.

When I was 13 my body appeared to be freezing up again and I was told that I could not join a dance team. I would not accept this and, once again, I heard an inner voice instruct myself on how to move.  Within a few months, I tried out and was accepted on that Dance Team. I ended up winning praise and recognition for my movement expression and dancing in musical theater performances.

And then I was 30, with every joint in my body freezing up, yet once again. But this time I recognized my Soul’s voice instructing my body how to relearn breathing and moving in new ways. Day after day, I used my cane to get myself into the middle of my living room space, would drop my cane, stand very still, and listen.  And breathe.  And move…

I am now almost 60 and can dance like the wild wonderful woman that I am and do every time I get a chance.  I’ve never been stronger, more flexible, more soulfully attuned as I am now. My Soul’s happiest when I’m dancing: in my life that’s about as real a statement as there is.  Movement keeps me alive.  It lifts me into a connection and physical joining of my personality with my Soul, Divine Source.  And the joy I feel sustains me, no matter what happens in the daily humanoid world.

I learned: when you can’t, move anyway.  When you’re too tired: at least stretch. When you want to connect with someone or something: dance together. When you’re angry: dance furiously.  When you’re stuck: keep on moving.  When you are sad: let your Soul breathe movement and dance your grief. When you are pleased: dance a dance of celebration. Needing creative energy? Move. Needing to express yourself? Dance. Breathe-connect.  Move-cleanse.  Dance-create. Breathe & move & dance-celebrate…

“Dance as if no one is watching.”  And then move into dancing as if youjo-beth are dancing with everyone.  Learn technique if you want, but then close your eyes, shut off your mind thoughts, and let you body move.  Get out of your own way.  Your Soul’s voice, abilities, and powers can more than take care of you. Allow yourself to move from the inside out.  Your Soul dance of the moment is your unique expression that just has to be seen.  Even if no one is watching…

JoyBeth Lufty has been soulfully dancing her way into health and happiness all her life.  As an interfaith movement minister, published author, and international workshop leader, “drjoy” facilitates “Dancing With your Soul,” “Body Prayer” and “Integrating Sacred Dance” workshops and retreats. Visit her website at

In February 2014,  JoyBeth will be co-facilitating (with Cherie Hill) a SDG Sacred Dance Journey to Costa Rica.

The retreat’s theme is “Dancing With The Sacred Rhythms in Nature” and it is designed to help you deepen your connection with Divine through the natural world. This connection will inspire movement you can incorporate into your Sacred Dance practice and performance. JoyBeth and Cherie will guide a small group of sacred movers through the beautiful Costa Rican beaches, jungles, and volcanoes with energies and movements from various traditions, such as African Dance, Ecstatic Dance and Body Prayers, drawing inspiration from nature, music, and visual imagery.

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