Dancing Your Way Through Life by drjoy

 I am both the dancer and the dance…


There is not anything that can change that fact of life.  By definition, the mover is the movement and the movement is the mover.  Forever joined: at the hip and at the heart.  The yin knows the yang and the yang knows the yin. There is not light without darkness and there is not darkness without light. There is no us without The Divine and The Divine is and does through you and me.  My Soul is spirit and spirit is Soul.  I am both the dance and the dancer…

Life is the movement of the breath, in and out, giving and receiving life force.  Life does not exist without breath and breath does not exist without life.   Our heart pumps life into our bodies and life exits as a result of these movements.  The movements of our breath, of our heart, of our thoughts, of our feelings, of our bowels, of our muscles, all dance us to life’s rhythm and life’s rhythm expresses through all of who we are.

Patterns of life movements dance us through life.  While these can be reworked and transformed, we cannot exist without movement patterns.  We are our movement patterns in that very moment that we have moved.  And with the next set of movement patterns, we have changed.


Are you doing the tiptoe, or the “see Jane run,” or the hop scotch?   When’s the last time you ran around in circles, fell off the edge, or perhaps flew away?   Yesterday I was doing The Tumble: today – The Rumble.   And tomorrow, well, who knows?

And that’s the point dancing in life makes: one movement leads into the next and it just depends on the rhythm of the moment what happens next.  One moment I’m leaping, the next movement I’m falling, the next I am perfectly still.  And then suddenly my arms fly into the air in praise.  My feet begin shuffling and before I know it I’ve become a train, moving, moving, moving…  And from there I turn into a buzzing bee, vibrating my way through life, until of course, I turn into an Eagle soaring and soaring and soaring…

Anything and everything that I am, expresses in how I move,  how I take these movements and connect them.   It’s the flow of the dance that determines the type of life lived.   It’s the flow, the way things connect and disconnect and connect again.  Resisting this flow often causes a rhythm that can render us stiff as a board.   Fighting this flow can make us as chaotic as popcorn popping.

And there’s nothing right or wrong in the movement of chaos.  It’s just that it can be very fatiguing and gets us off balance if we don’t shift the pattern when our beings are crying out to move into a different rhythm.  That is what it’s all about: Becoming aware of the natural movement and then shifting when the next one appears.  Awareness – shift – dance – stay with the movement pattern – awareness – shift – dance – awareness – dance – awareness.


Dance is all about awareness, of being in the flow of each moment’s movement.   And when we are in sync with the energy flow within and all around us – not in resistance to it – that’s when we become both the dancer and the dance.   It is this oneness of movement that our beings celebrate.

It is the SACRED DANCE OF LIFE:  of being alive, of being aware, of being fully connected with THE ALL …

JoyBeth Lufty,  drjoy, is a Sacred Dancer that also serves through writing, guiding, ministering, and enjoying.     http://www.soulintegrators.com

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