Sacred Waters, Sacred Dances 2013

 The Event: Global Water Dances Initiative

“Dancing for Safe Water Everywhere”

The Sacred Dance Guild is inviting all of its members to join in this world-wide dance event. Since 2013, will be a non-festival year, here is a wonderful opportunity for SDG Local Networks, Movement Choirs, Liturgical Dance Companies, Sacred Dance Groups and Dance Organizations to connect and share Sacred Dance within your community. It’s a simple process for choreographers and groups to register. Global Water Dances is a bold visionary artistic initiative focused on the critical need for safe drinking water. SDG members, who experienced the “Sacred Dance Gives the Sole” Flash Mob at the 2010 SDG Festival, will remember Choreographer and GWD artistic director Marylee Hardenbergh.

Global Water Dances is a world event first launched in June 2011. The second global performance is scheduled for June 15, 2013. In a single day, a series of dances centered on water issues are performed beginning in the Western Pacific Rim, then encircling the globe. These dances are also broadcast online. These dances use movement and music to blend local water issues with the global struggle to ensure safe water for all human beings.

The activities in Global Water Dances will be simple; creating bonds using time, space and rhythm. The dances are professionally choreographed and people of all ages and abilities from the local communities participate. Each dance event reflects in its own way the importance of water locally and in the eco-systems we share world-wide.

Global Water Dances raises the awareness of participants and observers about the importance of water, and provides a model for empowering local communities to take action. The Global Water Dances event brings local environmental experts and organizations, artists and members of the community together in a process that can build ongoing collaborations.

Visit the Global Water Dances website http://www.globalwater- to learn more about Global Water Dances. The website is over flowing with information; a photo gallery, dance resources, choreographers’ page, a list/map of dance sites from the 2011 Global Water Dances event. Document your process from start until the event and SDG will create a Sacred Waters, Sacred Dances 2013 Gallery. After you are registered with GWD, email project description and photos to mail to:

Mary Kamp, Co-Director Programs
“Thousands have lived without love, one without water.”

—W. H. Auden

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