Festival 2012 “Flash Mob Dance” by Elaine Sisler

On Thursday, July 26,
2012, Mary Kamp 
and I led one hundred festival dancers 
in a flash mob dance in downtown Holland Michigan.
 This spirited event was a benefit
 for the “Center for Women in Transition” and the Sacred Dance Guild.  
As we milled around trying to look 
casual so as not to give away the surprise,
 dark rain clouds formed above. “Oh no, it’s going to rain!” a fellow dancer said. Quickly, I gathered a group of dancers and asked them to help me blow the rain clouds away. We aimed our blessed breath toward the sky and then took our places on both sides of Main Street.


As we began the dance, no more than four raindrops fell upon my shoulders. We danced with 
gusto to Lionel Ritchie’s “All Night Long”. When we finished our dance someone in the crowd pointed to
the sky and said “Look, a rainbow!” A sudden silence descended upon the spirited crowd as we all reached toward the sky. This peaceful hush transformed into silent prayers as we connected and acknowledged the divine within our midst.

Flash2 copy

What we didn’t know was that during our Flash Mob dance a downpour was occurring just a block away! Thus,
we successfully celebrated and transformed our world, if only for a short time. Thank you to all who participated in the Flash Mob Dance.  May we continue our dances of hope for the future of sacred dance and that of our precious Sacred Dance Guild.

To see other articles from this journal issue  http://sacreddanceguild.org/journal/sdg_fall2012.pdf


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One comment on “Festival 2012 “Flash Mob Dance” by Elaine Sisler
  1. looks lovely, but a video would be even nicer. Namaste.


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