Come Holy Spirit by JoyBeth Lufty

Body Prayers, throughout the centuries and from many varied traditions, have been both simple and complex. They just have to combine physical movement, meditation, rhythm and repetition as a way of integrating Divine energy into our lives. Body Prayers include bodily gestures infused with spiritual significance in order to create a meaningful moving spiritual experience.

come-holy-spirit“Come Holy Spirit” is a modern Body Prayer from The Christian Tradition. It is an invitation to The Divine to be one with our lives. It is simple and is easy to make it your own. While we will use it here as a chant, you can apply its movements to the music Russell Paul has created and recorded on his CD from “The Depths of the Heart” #9 Come Holy Spirit. Web site: It can be danced in a variety of settings and as an individual, group, or large community practice.

Chanting: Come Holy Spirit…5 times…slowly turn 360 degrees with the right arm up over the right ear with the palm open and facing upwards and the left arm extended out from the waist with the left palm up and open to receive.

Chanting: Come into our hearts…4 times…both arms slowly coming together on the heart and then coming out of both sides to make the heart loop continual.

Chanting: Into our hearts…3 times…legs stomping fast with hands beating on heart

Chanting: Come, come, come, come Holy Spirit…2 times…Beckoning gestures with arms and hands, twirling with arms up and open on Holy Spirit.

Repeat all as long as you need…Feel both the grace and the fire of your invitation.

JoyBeth is an author, dancer, teacher, and interfaith minister. She has been a faculty member at our Festivals, also serving SDG by being on its Board of Directors.


Wife, mother of three, grandmother of three. Web developer, amateur photographer, kayaker, dancer.

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