Come And Dance With Me… By Lillian Herg

lhergI may not have dancing feet, but I do dance:
I dance with my eyes.
I dance with my arms.
I dance with my heart.
I dance with my memories.
My non-dancing feet guide me to a studio where I sit and observe.
A presenter guides the dancers through the movements and the beauty
and grace of dance.
My eyes witness a dance born to honor and glorify God.
My arms dance when I embrace and hold dear the friends I have made through the
years of attending festivals.
My hands dance when I applaud the many unforgettable performances I have had
the privilege and honor to see and enjoy.
My heart dances with every beat when I inhale grace and exhale gratitude.
This I learned from my dear “Starfire”, (Hawaii Festival).
My memories dance in my head when I recall and remember:
The friendships old and new…
The caring and compassion…
The devotion, love and faith…
The almost holy atmosphere created
by all attending
and participating at festival…
I dance with the love of
my daughter.
My daughter is a dancer and
so am I.
Come dance with us!


Wife, mother of three, grandmother of three. Web developer, amateur photographer, kayaker, dancer.

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