A Letter from Your President by JoyBeth Lufty

We’re now ready to dance into the EXPANSION necessary for our SDG to continue its special task of educating, resourcing, and networking all types of global Sacred Dance in these modern technological times. It will take two to four times as much money and members to be what we are these next 50 years as it did our first 50 years.

The need for Worldwide Sajo-bethcred Dance teachers and workshops, dance groups and organizations, events and festivals, books and films and a way to connect us all together has greatly increased. Our Sacred Dance Guild is now poised with its updated systems and expanded programs to be that connecter, resourcer, and networker like never before.

As our Simply Soaring Festival 2010 helped us to face and dance into being, it is time for Sacred Dance on this planet to soar. And to do that we will dance into our beings the theme of our up and coming Festival 2012 – “Dance A World Of Hope…” Hope as a dancing verb is full of growth and transformation, full of connection and support, full of vision and grace. We invite you now to be a vital part of SDG’s vision of “Dancing The Sacred, Moving The World…”

As you will discover through reading this Spring 2011 Journal, there are many ways for us all, in all our diversity, to DANCE THE SACRED TOGETHER. A deep long dance through our ever expanding and interactive website will present many of the howto details of ways you can support SDG in supporting you and International Sacred Dance. Simply reading our new section on “Sacred Dance Is…” will fill you full of ideas, realizations, memories and visions for you to personally work with. So include us in your work and send us the inspirational Sacred Dance Stories that have become you and the resources you have danced with.

Dancing with The Divine, which is what Sacred Dance is all about, is the most inspiriting and transformational dance of life that there is. You and I know that. WE know that deep into our dancing cells. Our SDG Facilitators, Coordinators, and Boards of Directors know that. It’s time to move out of being “the world’s best kept secret.” It’s time to reach out to sacred dance groups, businesses, organizations, supporters and individuals worldwide to join body, heart, and soul in spreading Sacred Dance wherever it needs to go.

It’s time to

“Dance a World of Hope”…


Wife, mother of three, grandmother of three. Web developer, amateur photographer, kayaker, dancer.

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