Moving Beyond Words By Jenny Finn, LSW, Embodiment Educator

Scripture can be deeply inspiring, when we explore with our bodies. Every other Saturday, at the First Congregational Church, in Colorado Springs, you will find a group of people moving their bodies as a spiritual practice, a meditation with the Divine.

The group begins seated in a circle holding hands, a glowing candle placed in the center and an open Bible in the hands of a woman. The scripture is read. The group prays together, and the movement practice begins.

This moving meditation begins with no music; those in attendance simply attend to each body part through breath and awareness. The music then begins in the rhythm of racham, the hebrew word for mothering, or womb-like, unconditional love, the rhythm of the feminine. The movement than slowly rises in the rhythm of hesed, the hebrew word for steadfast, and loyal love. The beat is now pumping and reaches its peak, in the rhythm of integration, incantation; the coming together of soul and of the body. The dance then rises to the rhythm of light, the rhythm of embodied love, in it’s most lyrical form.

And slowly, we find our way back to stillness, where everything begins and ends, and begins and ends again. We come back together, holding hands in community, and close with the words of scripture repeated. And these words are heard anew, as our connection has deepened to these sacred containers, our bodies.

Martha Graham tells us that the body is a sacred garment. Two Saturdays a month, for the past five years, a group of people become students of this sacred connection between body and soul. Movement is a spiritual practice, in addition to liturgical movement as part of a Sunday service. These morning meditations are not choreographed, but is a dance that comes from within. This practice assists us in becoming re-enchanted with ourselves, and re-inspired with the scriptural text that we have every Sunday. To learn more about Shekhinah: A Movement Ministry at First Congregational Church, please visit http://www.fccmovement.orq.

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