Making SDG Connections By Mary Kamp Co-Director Programs


In January 2009 I received an e-mail from Kris Moore, the Staff Chaplin at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She had been given my name by a Dr. Miriam Roskin Beger of NYU, who received my contact information from Sacred

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Mystical Dance Experiences and Consumption By Carla Stalling Walter, PhD


Many have acknowledged that humans originated from the region we call Egypt, Earth’s Motherland. Today, we reach into a time period five thousand years before the Common Era, so that we can know how connected we are to the ancient

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Moving in LOVE TOGETHER… Integrating Sacred Dance into Worship/Spiritual Communities By JoyBeth Lufty


 Many have experienced their most connected feelings of oneness with God, the Divine Source, while watching and/or moving through Sacred Dance. Sacred Dance is movement which connects us directly with the Divine Creative Source, with the LOVE energy available to

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Dance of The Divine – by JoyBeth Lufty


I reach beyond as I move my being in a rhythm that connects me to the mystical music and then to The Source of All Creation. In so doing, I release that which weighs me down in order to enrich

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The Practice of Sacred Dance By Heather Burcham

The Sacred Dance Experience is all about connecting with one another from places all over the world in a shared love for sacred dance, moving together at the same time, on the same day, in the same movement, from the

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African Dance is Medicine for the Mind, Body and Spirit by Cherie Hill


Bodies sweat and drums pound as the air vibrates. Feet stomp the ground and torsos arch to the sky in rhythmic patterns. Left, right, body sides forward and backward, the studio is filled with dancing. The colorful skirts, percussion and

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Dance in Scripture: A New Book about Sacred Dance By: Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber

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Dance in Scripture: A New Book about Sacred Dance         Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber After publishing two books addressing sacred dance, Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber is excited to announce the publication of her third book, Dance in Scripture:

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